The Pueblo Food Project

On May 27 I participated in a Zoom meeting (with 33 other people) concerning the Pueblo Food Project, run by Monique Marez (, and I am sending this email to highlight some opportunities that may interest Pueblo Makes people.

1.The Pueblo Food Project will be putting out a call and application process soon for a Youth Council. Jenn White has been using students for Grow Feed Change project. They will be looking for about 15 youth, ages 15 to 20 across educational tiers, with the group first convening in August. Jenn ( ) might know more and
Drew ( might have students who want to participate.

2. The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger ( has several working groups ( on the various goals of the Blueprint. Volunteer here: Since all meetings are online, it is easier for people outside of the Denver area to participate now. No one from Pueblo is participating regularly and such participation is needed.

3. The SAME cafe in Denver (So All May Eat, a donation/volunteer cafe, successful for 14 years) wants to replicate their model in Pueblo. They want to hire a local community connector and champion who will work with them for a year to find a location, pull partners together, and do fundraising with Brad Reubendale (, Executive Director. I suggested PDI as a partner. Contact Brad if you are interested.

4. Mo Montgomery with the Culinary Arts program at PCC ( is looking for internship opportunities for their students. Each intern needs 180 hours work by December 2020. Contact her at if you can offer a position that is food related. I don’t think they need to be paid positions.

Pueblo Makes people Paula Robben ( and Kelly Gehlhof(, maybe others, are on the Pueblo Food Council so may have more info on these initiatives if you need it. I noticed that Meral Sarper (, Deric Stowell (, and Jim Valenzuela ( ) were also on the call this morning, maybe others.

The next Pueblo Makes meeting is Tuesday, 16 June, 3:30-5, via zoom.

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