An unwon cause

“‘You talk of Scotland as a lost cause’, John Steinbeck once remarked to Jackie Kennedy. ‘That is not true. Scotland is an unwon cause’. As a supporter of Scottish independence, I take those words to heart. Here we are, shackled to a political state that is alarmingly self-destructive in its excesses but I can hope for a better future. An unwon cause, versus a lost cause. It’s comforting, even in the face of unpalatable circumstances and unenviable difficulties ahead. The fight, this says, is still worth fighting.” Source:

Ending the franchise agreement with Black Hills and providing public power to Pueblo and, indeed, to all of the Black Hills territory in Colorado, is an unwon cause, not a lost cause.

100 Restaurants in Pueblo

Since I have retired, Mark and I plan to go out to lunch more often, at locally owned restaurants, so we made a list (I did it in Excel, of course). We included no chain restaurants, and only restaurants in Pueblo (I did list a few in Colorado City); we have over 100 on our list. I will be refining the list and I am not sure what the total number will be, but I will call it 100 restaurants. If we eat lunch out together once a week, we have almost two years of restaurants! I don’t intend to write reviews, but rather to celebrate each.

#PuebloMakes food.