PSAS students at Pueblo Makes

At the 17 September 2019 meeting of Pueblo Makes, three teams of students from the Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences, mentored by teacher Drew Hirshon, presented their designs for a playground at Pueblo’s Nature Center. Pueblo Energy Academy Remastered (P.E.A.R) presented a plan with a zip line (with seat belt), benches, small animal structures (for example, a coyote), a main play structure, swings, and a poured rubber surface. Playground Inc’s proposal included several features with wheelchair access, including a merry-go-round and swings. They also had a slide, a low ropes course, a large snake sculpture in 3 pieces, and wood chips for ground cover. The Rockey team used the website Playworld which produces playground material from material from landfills. The teams answered questions from the Pueblo Makes members – all done with a high level of professionalism Drew will next be asking his students to work create videos on the topic: What makes Pueblo great.

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