Notes from August 2021 meeting of Pueblo Makes

Cynthia Ramu of the Pueblo Arts Alliance updated us on the levee murals. After reconstruction of the levees, it has taken three years to regroup and build a process to repaint murals, all with zero funding. The first new mural was painted in October 2020. Of the 52 applications so far (see for the application), over 35 have been approved. Applications are accepted every month, reviewed by a committee of artists and curators, checked against the guidelines, and then decided on by the Pueblo Conservancy District, so a proposal can be accepted quickly. Some money is available for assistance, paint can be bought at cost, and some murals are sponsored. The current goal is to connect all murals west of the 4th street bridge and reclaim the title of the longest mural in the US. Some portions from 4th to Main are being held for historic murals of landmarks, famous events, or famous  people of Southern Colorado, and that section needs to cure until March 2022. Other projects underway include documenting the project through photographs, interviews, films, and more. A museum could be created.

The group discussed having Pueblo Makes create a mural as a group project to showcase the variety of making, including creativity and art forms that aren’t about painting, a mural about maker culture. The guidelines restrict the type of paint that can be used and also state that any text can only be in lower right corner, in an area 5 foot by 8 foot. Cynthia is very open to new ideas. The trick is not making it a billboard; make it interesting.

Cynthia also described her work with Impact Youth through the Pueblo Arts Alliance. The youth are working with Eric McCue to design bicycle racks and skateboard racks. The kids are on fire.

Gregory showed us funding opportunities from OEDIT (see and encouraged everyone to look at each of these. Some are for startups, some are for ongoing businesses. If you have questions, reach out to Gregory ( or to the program manager listed on the relevant page. Gregory has been on the council since March 2020 that has been advising OEDIT. This is a huge opportunity.

Gregory also mentioned an event held today in Pueblo about funding opportunities for housing. See

Tom described that the Human Relations Commission is holding a calendar contest for students, with four age groups and a focus on Hispanic Heritage with the themes diversity, integrity, and honor. There will be two winners from each age group. Students must live in Pueblo city or county. The HRC is looking for sponsors so they can print about 1500 calendars, and distribute them for free in November.  

Susan Finzel couldn’t attend but sent an update: “Our IFIZ team will be videotaping individual aquaponics lessons all day 8/17 with a pro videographer.  The videos will be edited and used by BGC members to access for the fall NASA grant. We are getting prepped for possible pivots due to COVID and school changes… I will be zooming with IFIZ cohorts in Fremont and El Paso County clubhouses T/TH afternoons through the fall.”

Russ couldn’t attend but sent an update: “the Pueblo Wood Turners will be at the State Fair on Saturday and Sunday, August 28 and 29.  We will be turning tops and other small spindle work for kids and parents as well as showing off some of the other items we produce such as pet urns, bowls, platters and other custom and unique wood art.  We always look forward to visiting with the fair-goers that stop by to chat and ask questions.”

Sharon couldn’t attend but reminded us of IdeaCon this Saturday: “Grome Park 11-5pm and we’re going to have all kinds of fun. SCA (society for creative anachronism) will be there with craft demos and fighting, the mermaids will be there, there will be a cosplay contest, over 20 small business vendors (mostly crafting), mural painting, and food trucks!!!! Everyone should come on out. It’s gonna be hot, but fun.” Jane will have a table for Pueblo Makes

Jane will be giving a talk on Pueblo Makes on 1 September in The Dig series; see Tomorrow Monique Marez from the Pueblo Food Project will speak. Gregory has 16 seats available from a sponsor. Email Gregory if you would like up to two tickets. Pueblo Makes people will get 50% for Jane’s presentation.

Drew reported that PSAS is back in person. Gregory gave us a link for photos from the ground breaking for the new gymnasium/cafeteria:

Tom said that he has a community table at the Farmers Market on Friday and welcomes flyers for any community events.

Jane said she welcomes suggestions for speakers and topics for future Pueblo Makes meetings. Karen will speak about the Arts Alliance at the September meeting.  Nick from TankMatez will speak at a future meeting. Jane also plans to invite Dave Hartkopf from Solar Roast to speak about all his making.

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