#1, 2, and 3 of 100 Restaurants

Mark and I have now had lunch at El Nopal (1435 East Evans), Momo (716 N Santa Fe), and Rockee’s (123 N Main). Since both El Nopal and Rockee’s are Mexican, we had the same items to compare. I had Mexican pizza and Mark had chile rellenos. Same name, very different, all good! How do they keep the tacos so crisp under all the meat, chile, cheese, beans, and rice? Both places seem very successful, with regular customers. “Medium” hot chile (actually half hot and half mild)? I drank a lot of water at Rockee’s.

We have eaten at Momo many times, but not recently. It is still very good. The three of us (our neighbor Jessi joined us) had a variety of food and it was all good.

Remember that I don’t intend to do detailed reviews here. I also should state that Mark and I have polo shirts with the logo “easily amused” so we aren’t fussy people. We like food and we love Pueblo.

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